Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can You Follow The Leader?

I Samuel 14:7
His armor bearer said to him, “Do all that your mind inclines to. I am with you; as your mind is, so is mine.”

Who are those guys following the pastor? Why does he need all of those armor bearers? Is he really that important? Somewhere around the late 90’s many charismatic churches began to use the biblical understanding of armor bearers in serving with their pastoral leasers. Terry Nance in his book, “God’s Armor-bearer," talks about how important it is in serving, protecting, and standing beside the leader of God. The armor-bearer is more than a glorified flunky. He or she is a prayer warrior, security, organizer, and supporter of vision. With the demands and threats that come along with ministry in post-modern times it is essential to have someone designated to help cover the Leader God has sent. Recently someone that didn’t agree with a book I wrote put my family at risk by listing my home address, threatening my life, and made disparaging comments about my wife. It’s these kinds of direct threats that the average person never sees that affect leaders in any profession and increases the need for “armor-bearers.”

Even though the function of armor-bearer is limited to a select few the Spirit of armor-bearer should be present with all who serve with their leader. Jonathan was the son of King Saul he was a prince and a warrior. On one occasion, the Israelites were being overwhelmed by the Philistines, their enemy. The soldiers of Israel had been defeated, depressed, and many of them deserted. They dwindled down to 600 men fighting against thousands. Jonathan saw the hopes of Israel being decimated and he decided it was time to act. He looked at his armor-bearer and said “Let's you and I go up against the Philistines, because God is able to save by many or by few”

The armor-bearer could have said:
1. You crazy! This is a suicide mission.
2. Have you thought this through? We don’t have the resources to fight this war.
3. I’m leaving.

Instead the armor-bearer said:
1. Do all that your mind inclines to. How much easier it would be if leaders had armor bearers and not antagonists. When you are a leader and you hear from God you want people to trust that you hear from God. That doesn’t mean you are a “yes” man or woman but when the God in you sees the God in your leader you should say, "Yes!" Do all that your mind can envision I’m with you.

2. I am with you. Once the disciples of Jesus got upset because there were outsiders baptizing and casting out demons in Jesus name. Jesus said, “If they are not against us they are with us.” Sometimes, it is the people with us that are the most against us. Sometimes, the pull leaders feel is not coming from the outside but it’s in the house. We don’t have any Joe Wilson’s standing up in the house screaming, “Pastor you Lie!” but when you are not with your leader they feel the pull.

3. As your mind is so is mine. When you are close to someone you tend to think alike. How can two walk together unless they agree? You should be in tune with your leader. You can always tell when you are losing connection with your leader. When you do things they would not have done or you constantly disagree. When you can no longer agree with leadership then it is time for you to leave. In order to effectively follow you must have the same mind. For us to follow Christ we must have the mind of Christ.

When the armor-bearer followed his leader into an impossible mission God gave them a supernatural victory. Are you following your leader or fighting against your leader?

Dear God, help me to be an effective armor bearer whether it’s my President or my pastor, my boss or my spouse. Somebody needs my support to defeat an enemy that is threatening the Kingdom. Give me the courage, humility, and loyalty needed to follow my leader.

In Jesus Name,

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