Monday, October 3, 2011

How Much Does God Trust You?

Luke 16:10

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.

As parents, my wife and I, are always testing our sons with little tasks to see if their maturity level is at a place where we can trust them with more. They have chores to complete to see if we can trust them to follow through on assignments. The more they are obedient the more we trust them especially when we are not around. The more we can trust them the more privileges we extend.

I was so proud of my oldest son the other day. He got a new job at the movie theatre not long ago. His boss called and said he needed to come by and pick up a reward. Reward for what? While cleaning the theater, Omari found a man’s wallet on the floor. He took it to the manager and went back to cleaning. The owner was so overjoyed to get his wallet back he rewarded my son for being honest.

How you handle money and other people’s property will determine if God will trust you with your own. If God can’t trust you with a little money how can he trust you with big money? Many of us are on restriction not because God doesn’t want us to have more it may be because of past actions he doesn’t trust us with more.

The question is not how much do you have but what did you do with the little you did have? When you were responsible for other people’s property were you trustworthy or did you steal time or treasure? We must prove ourselves to be trustworthy by being on time, telling the truth, being professional, doing what you say you are going to do. Based upon how you took care of what God gave you to take care of, should he trust you with more?

How can God trust you with more?

1. Don’t steal from God by not tithing. Malachi asked, “Will a man rob God? You have robbed God of tithes and offerings.” Malachi 3. All of us can use the argument that, “I don’t have that much money.” But we can all say that God has given me something. Whatever God gives you he is trusting you to give him a tenth of it so that the church can help those that have nothing.

2. Help other people. In Luke 16 the shrewd steward helped other people get out of debt even as he was losing his job through mismanagement. Jesus commended him for helping people with their debt so that they would help him when he would soon be jobless. Even as we struggle we should still be helping people.

3. Invest in your future. The struggling steward struck a deal with his bosses debtors so that they would help him in the future. Make sure that you put some money aside for your future.

4. Emergency fund. While you are working now make sure you build an emergency fund that covers three months of your salary in case something happens.

5. Pay what you owe. Even if you can’t pay all of it, pay something consistently. The shrewd steward had the people to mark down what they owed his boss but they still paid something. Don’t avoid your bill collectors but pay them something.

Dear God,

Today, I will use very little things you give me in the right way so you can build your trust in me. If it’s in my power to help somebody even as I’m trying to make it myself then let me do it today. Even when nobody is looking help me to live my life so you can trust me. I just want to hear you say well done, you’ve been faithful over a few things, now come home and get your reward.

In Jesus Name,


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