Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You Have A Nice Body!

You Have a Nice Body!

I Corinthians 6:19
Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you received from God? Therefore honor God with your body

People spend a lot of time these days trying to work on their bodies. There are Fitness Centers popping up all over the place to meet the demands of people trying to lose weight to take care of their bodies. Plastic surgeons are making more money than ever because people want the perfect body, cutting away at fat, enhancing what was lacking, lifting what was sagging, replacing what was missing, everybody is trying to take care of their body so they can hear people say, “you have a nice body!”

What’s amazing is before all of these efforts; many people already had nice bodies. I’m not talking about muscles and curves that appeal to the physical senses but I’m talking about how nice their temples are. When we belong to God and have accepted salvation from Jesus Christ, our bodies are transformed into Temples. The Holy Spirit moves in and we truly have nice bodies but when we are sexually reckless we turn something nice into something nasty.

Paul says, “Run from Sexual immorality! All other sins a man/woman commits are outside their body, but those who sin sexually sin against their own body. The very thing so many people are trying to do by getting in shape through exercise and cosmetic surgery is actually working against them when they are sexually disobedient.

How do we honor God with our bodies?

1. Reserve Sex for someone that you are married to.
2. Remain faithful in your marriage.
3. Don’t give into something that you will regret later
4. Don’t let anybody in your body who has not been sanctioned by God to get in
5. Watch what you let in your eye, your eye is the window to your soul.
6. Clean your temple by purging with prayer, praise and worship
7. Eat right, Exercise, and stay away from anything that would be detrimental to
your body’s well being. Flee from Sexual immorality.

Dear God,

Help me to live by your standards of Holiness and not the world’s standards of what is acceptable. All things are permissible in this world but not all things are beneficial to my body or my spirit. Help me to do what’s best for my body and my soul. Give me the mind of Christ so that when my body is saying yes my mind can override it with what’s right and beneficial. God, today, I will honor you with my body.

In Jesus Name,

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