Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Dangers of Being Presumptuous

Numbers 14:44 (New International Version)

44 Nevertheless, in their presumption they went up toward the high hill country, though neither Moses nor the ark of the Lord’s covenant moved from the camp.

pre·sume (pr-zm)
v. pre·sumed, pre·sum·ing, pre·sumes

1. To take for granted as being true in the absence of proof to the contrary: We presumed she was innocent.

2. To constitute reasonable evidence for assuming; appear to prove: A signed hotel bill presumes occupancy of a room.

3. To venture without authority or permission; dare: He presumed to invite himself to dinner.

1. To act overconfidently; take liberties.

2. To take unwarranted advantage of something; go beyond the proper limits: Don't presume on their hospitality.

3. To take for granted that something is true or factual; suppose: That's the new assistant, I presume.

We’ve all been presumptuous before. We have gone forward in areas where we were not authorized to go because God did not give us the green light to proceed. Oftentimes, we abuse grace by preceding and asking God to bless our actions after we have gone forward in activities he never sanctioned. There is a danger of advancing where God is not present and where He has not authorized you to be. There is a danger in moving off of yesterdays anointing into areas that call for a new generation. In our disobedience from yesterday we are presuming a lot from God by trying to take territory that we have not been authorized to take. It could be that we are supposed to be investing in the next generation instead of trying to advance in places God has said you will not see because of your disobedience.

The Israelites had grumbled against Moses, Aaron, Caleb and Joshua because they thought that it would be disastrous to fight against the inhabitants of Canaan even though God already promised that He would give them the land. They wanted to raise up a leader to take them back to Egypt. Whenever we are faced with change and challenge there is always an older contingent that wants to take things back to Egypt. God is never about backward movements, He is always about moving forward in the face of opposition but the key is to move when God moves and in the direction God wants to move. Very seldom does He move backward.

God was so angry that He struck down all the men who spied out the land except Joshua and Caleb. And God told the assembly that everyone 20 years or older who had seen Him work miracles in their deliverance from Egypt would die in the wilderness.

A group of them decided that they would go up into the Hill country to change God’s mind and fight against the Canaanites and the Amelikites. They presumed that if God said He would give us victory before our disobedience then He will give us victory after our disobedience.

There are dangers in being presumptuous.

1. You waste your resources when you are presumptuous. If God didn’t tell you to do it don’t waste your money, your human resources on initiatives God didn’t tell you to do. Don’t use God-talk to sanction your own fleshly initiatives.

2. You forfeit your anointing. Moses warned them God is not going to go with you. That is enough for me. I’m not going if I’m out of His Holy jurisdiction.

3. You will be defeated. Nobody wants to be defeated. The only way I’m fighting if I know that God is going with me.

How do you avoid the dangers of being presumptuous?

1. Listen to your Leader. The people kept grumbling against Moses but what you need to realize is that when you grumble against the leader God has appointed you are really grumbling against God.

2. If God don’t move, don’t you move.

3. Ask God for forgiveness and accept your punishment. It’s hard to accept when God says,”this is it!” When we are continually disobedien...the Israelites had been in contempt 10 times.... God will eventually stop our movement and give it to someone else. We have to know when it’s time to hand it to the next generation.

Dear God, forgive me for my presumptuousness. If I have moved too far bring me back in alignment before I’m exposed because of the lack of coverage. Help me to be in step with Your will so I can get to where you want me to be in your time not mine.

In Jesus Name,


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