Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How Soon We Forget

Judges 9:17
And to think that my father fought for you, risked his life to rescue you from the hand of (the enemy).

It’s amazing how soon people forget the sacrifices of good leaders. The same people who cry out “Hosanna (Lord save me)” will be the same ones to yell “crucify him” tomorrow. Humans are guilty of participating in the wasteful consumption of what I would call “disposable leadership.” Once a leader no longer serves the selfish interest of the people even though they have a proven track record they are quick to move to the next one.

As a leader you must never serve in the expectation of continued appreciation or even with the thought of accrued interest in the area of appreciation because human nature has a vacuum that continues to take but doesn’t give back as much as was given. When you lead you must make sure you are leading out of a clear commitment to a higher calling because only what you do for Christ will last.

Gideon or Jerub-Baal was a reluctant farmer turned warrior that led 300 men against Thousands of Amalekites and defeated them with the help of God. He risked his life because he believed God and loved his people. After he died one of his sons, (in the ministry) a son of a slave woman rose up to talk with the people of Midian (the congregation) and convinced them to make him their leader even though he was not the legitimate heir and to murder the legitimate heirs to Gideon’s leadership. They murdered 70 minus one of Gideon’s sons. Jotham the youngest escaped. He went to the top of a mountain and spoke to the people of Midian, “Is this how you repay my Father who risked his life for you?”

As a member of a congregation, team, business, or citizen of the United States always remember to honor the sacrifice of your leaders by:

1. Praying for those over you. Hebrews 13:17 Obey your leaders and submit to their authority. They keep watch over you as men who must give an account. Obey them so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no advantage to you.

2. Be careful of illegitimate children. Abimelech was the son of Gideon but he was not an heir. He was the son of a slave woman you have to distinguish between son’s and vain-glorious bastards. Sons are there in service to their father, bastards are just there to get their fathers juice. Sons earn their inheritance, bastards have to manipulate to get what they want. Sonship doesn’t have to do with how you were born, single parent vs. married, it has to do with how you act.

3. Don’t kill his children. Abimelech convinced the people to kill the 70 sons of Gideon. Often times the children are symbolic of the initiatives that the leader birthed. Recently we have witnessed political abortions because people despised the leader. Anything the President proposes seems to be under attack because they don’t respect the leader.

4. Don’t choose a Bush over an Olive tree. Jotham used the allegory of the people choosing a thorn bush vs. an olive tree as their leader. The Olive tree produces Olives from whence oil comes from. The people had to lower their standards to get under a bush but refuse to come under a leader with Oil. We still do.

5. Don’t be fickled. How can you be with a leader one day but change your mind the next especially if their fundamental character has not changed? “Group Think” is dangerous. The people thought it would be good to kill 70 anointed sons and choose 1 bastard. Choose you this day whom you will serve, will it be God or mammon. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

6. Be Consistent. If you are following a leader, be consistent in your attendance, commitment, and loyalty. Don’t be a fair-weather fan, instead be a devoted follower.

7. Remember what they risked for you. When we look at the ultimate leader Jesus Christ He not only risked his life but He gave His life. When we forget his sacrifice we cheapen His grace. Never forget what He risked for you.

Dear God, thank you for great leaders like Dr. King, Fannie Lou Hamer, Malcolm X, John Brown, Ceaser Chavez, Geronimo, my pastor, and my President. These great leaders risked relevance and I want to live my life in appreciation of that. Most of all thank you for Jesus who gave His life for me. Now help me to live my life in appreciation of that and not forget how much it costs to see my sins upon that cross.

In Jesus Name,

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