Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Make Your Escape Good!

I Samuel 19:10
Saul tried to pin him to the wall with his spear, but David made good his escape.

God always provides a way of escape and we have to make good on it. Many of us are like the ‘Great” Howard Houdini, the escape artist. We have made a life out of escaping but we haven’t made good of it; instead we’ve made a game of it. The problem is that eventually even Harry Houdini dies trying to escape one too many times trying to entertain people with his ability to escape.

Samson had escaped from the Philistines each time because of some Philistine women he was messing with but he didn’t make good on his escape. When Delilah had learned the secret of his strength by pinning him down on the bed, she had his hair cut after she had sex with him. The Philistines came in and Samson woke up. He thought to himself, “I will get away as always!” But he didn’t know that the Lord had left him. He lost the ability to escape.

We have to be careful when people try to pin us down, especially people who have ulterior motives. Sometimes, we are in relationship with these kinds of people or we work with them. David happened to be in a situation where both factors came into play. David worked for someone that was jealous of him and wanted him dead. Saul should have been David’s biggest fan because of his success on the battlefield but instead Saul’s own disobedience caused an evil spirit to control him. On several occasions Saul tried to kill David but this last time, David made “good” on his escape. He left and never came back until Saul was dead. When David came back, he came back as King.

How do you make good on your escape?

1. Recognize the pattern of people or situations that are life threatening. How many times do you almost have to die before you make good on your escape? How many more times do they have to hit you? How many more times do you almost have to go to jail? How many more bullets do you have to take before you realize it’s time to get out?!

2. Don’t let people pin you down with something that could kill you. Don’t let them use guilt or manipulation. Don’t let them blackmail you. Don’t let them seduce you. Don’t let them use violence to intimidate you. Get out Now! Paul said, “Flee or Run from Sexual temptation!” Run Forest Run!

3. Come up with an exit strategy. When David got home that night. He and his wife talked about how her father Saul wanted David dead, so they came up with a plan of escape. You need to think about how you are going to get out of whatever is threatening your life. What’s your exit strategy for that dead end job? What your exit strategy for that abusive relationship? What's your plan of escape for your addiction?

4. After you leave seek refuge in an anointed house. David fled to the Prophet Samuel’s house. When the soldiers came to get him they fell down and started prophesying. When Saul came to get David he fell down, took off all his clothes and prophesied all night long. The Spirit of God would not allow the enemy to kill David in an anointed house. It’s time for you to make good your escape and get in an anointed church, house, or business where the enemy can’t touch you. Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm!

Dear God,

Keep me from getting pinned down. Thank you for letting me escape with my life and my anointing still intact. I’m making good on this way of escape you have provided.

In Jesus Name,

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