Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Do You Have on Your Mind?

What do you have in mind?

I Chronicles 17:2
 Nathan replied to David, “Whatever you have in mind, Do it, for God is with you.”

One of my favorite scriptures is Proverbs 18:16, “Your gift will make room for you and bring you into the presence of great men.” There are a lot of gifted men and women that make it into the presence of great men and great platforms but the problem is that when they arrive they don’t have anything of substance on their minds. Success comes when preparation meets with opportunity. During your downtime you must be busy preparing yourself so that when your opportunity comes you will have something on your mind worth sharing. What’s on your mind?

David had an opportunity to build God a house or what we would call a Sanctuary, or temple,. Initially, the prophet tells David, “Whatever you have on your mind, do it…” because of David’s heart God is ready to hear what’s on David’s mind. We want to give God a piece of our mind before we give him all of our hearts.

When somebody loves you they want to know what’s on your mind. Even so, what’s on your mind may not match what’s in God’s will. That’s why the Bible tells us, “Lean not to your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path.

What’s on your mind?

1. Write your goals in concrete and your plan in sand. You should have in mind what you want to accomplish for God but know that at anytime God can alter how he’s going to get it done.

2. Put something on your mind. Read your bible daily and a book weekly. You have to study to show yourself approved. Knowledge is power.

3. Tell God what’s on your mind through prayer so he can establish the work of your hands by the words of your mouth.

4. Renew your mind through regular praise and worship. The Holy Spirit is the one that transforms our minds so that we can have the mind of Christ.

Dear God,

Let this mind of Christ Jesus be also in me. Transform my mind so that even my thoughts would be pleasing to you. Thank you for the opportunities where you have brought me into the presence of great men. Expand my thought process so that I reflect your wisdom in my daily affairs. Order my steps today so that I end up in your will.

In Jesus Name,


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