Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Are Indispensable

I Corinthians 12:22 On the contrary the members of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable.

There are times in our lives where we all feel insignificant, like we don’t matter. We wonder if we really are important to the body or if anyone will even notice if I’m not here. We sit back and see other people leading in the spotlight and we feel like there is no use of me being here because I’m dispensable due to the false thinking that my gifting is not like someone else’s. One of the biggest lies from Satan is that “you don’t matter,” but one of the greatest truths is that the weaker members of the body are indispensable.

Paul uses the analogy of the body for the church. He talks about the smaller member of the body, the ears, the foot and the eyes. They are smaller parts of the body but they play an important part. Each of these parts are important to the rest of the body.

I was at Western Kentucky University’s homecoming this past weekend. I was excited to see Every-body. The only problem was that my Body was tired. I’d been traveling all night from San Diego but it was our 40th year anniversary for Kappa Alpha Psi, Epsilon Rho chapter and I had not been back to campus for 10 years. I had to go! I pushed myself and was running off of adrenaline, but somewhere along the way one of my members of my body started talking to me, “my feet.” As good as I looked, as much as I wanted to continue, I had to yield to my feet. They were talking to me, “Go Sit Down!” I couldn’t ignore my feet they are an important part of the body. When your feet hurt everything shuts down! LOL

You too play an important part of the body. You may not be as visible as the rest of the body but you play an important role. You are indispensable.

Paul lists about five different areas where you can get involved as a member of the body:

1. Apostles. This word means sent. This is where the head of the church should be operating. The Apostle is the visionary, the pioneer, planting churches, and equipping the leaders.

2. Prophets. The prophet helps the apostle by being able to hear from God and share with the apostle what God is saying to the church. Prophecy is not simply forecasting but it is instructional speech.

3. Teaching. Teachers are those who help build up the body through Christian education.

4. Forms of assistance or helpful deeds. You don’t need a degree to be helpful. This is where each and every member can get in. There is ALWAYS something that you could do at your church. Simply call the church right now and ask them is there any volunteer work that they need done.

5. Forms of Leadership. Leaders in the church are those who work in various ways to advance the gospel. Whether you are leading a little league football team in the community or leading the children’s choir, leaders are needed.

No matter where you are in the body you are indispensable. NO matter how small you think you are we can’t make it without you.

Dear God, help us to know today that we matter. Somewhere in the body I fit and I matter. Today, I will consciously use my gifts to help the body function at optimal level. If I sit down and do nothing I become the tired feet that will not let the body advance. Strengthen my feet so the body can move.

In Jesus Name,

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