Monday, February 7, 2011

Don't Listen to Them!

Acts 14:2
But the Jews who refused to believe stirred up the Gentiles and poisoned their minds against the brothers.

The people in Cairo said that they can no longer trust the media in Egypt because of the Propaganda put out by the government. The government has become corrupt and President Mubarak is poisoning the waters with what he wants the people to hear. You really have to be careful who you get your news from.

Whenever there is a revolution taking place there will always be opposition from those who stand to lose something, be it power, position, or political influence. The quickest way to kill momentum of a movement is poisoning through propaganda of people who are successful in getting your ear. Eventhough we have to be skeptical of any news source in the media we also have to be leery of family and friends who don’t have our best interest in mind. If they are not where you are spiritually they could be poisoning your mind all in the name of love.

Paul and Barnabus were sent to a synagogue in Iconium and preached the Gospel. They were so impactful that Jews and Gentiles believed. In the crowd were also Jews who didn’t believe and ran the risk of losing their influence even though they didn’t care about the Gentiles. They stirred up the Gentiles by poisoning their minds.

In the movie, “Australia”, Sarah has to drive her cattle to the Market before her competition or she loses her farm. The next time they travel, they are driving across a really dry place. Magarri is at a watering hole, but he only splashes the water. The camera zooms out and there is a dead animal in the pool and one near it. He tells Drover that the water is bad. Fletcher (her competition) is the one who probably poisoned it. They argue about what to do. The nearest water is a five-day ride, but Magarri remarks that across one of the deserts, a three-day ride, there is water. Drover argues that there is no way they can drive across it, because there is not enough landmarks, so they’ll get lost and die. However, King George appears, and Nullah asks him to find the way to water. They follow him, and KG is shown singing and dancing his way through the desert. Drover explains that the aborigines have a song for every rock and landmark, allowing them to find a path.

When people who are in opposition to your movement see they can’t stop your momentum, they will try to poison your watering hole. But you got to have somebody who is a spiritual guide to get you from your place of poison to your place of purpose. It might not be King George but they might read from King James. When people close to you try to poison your mind they can say things like:

“Why are you going to that church? Why are you giving them all your money? They don’t appreciate you! God is not in that! You should leave! I think your season is up!” If you are not careful you will let miserable people who are not going anywhere talk you into joining them in their misery.

To counter this poisoning of the mind Paul and Barnabas:

1. Spent considerable time teaching the people who had been wrongly influenced. Some of us have to be untaught some of the damaging things people have misspoken in our minds. Make sure you spend time in a bible believing church with kingdom minded people.

2. Confirming the message of God’s grace. What Kingdom minded people teach should match the grace that you have experienced in Jesus Christ. If it doesn’t fit you must acquit.

3. The Apostles' miraculous signs and wonders confirmed they were from God. When God is in a movement there will be evidence that he is a part of it. Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t.

Dear God,
Protect my mind from Propaganda. Help me to protect my ears from people who don’t believe in the vision. Everyone cannot speak into my life especially if we are not equally yoked. Remove the poison with the antidote of your Word and your Holy Spirit. My ears are listening for your voice and I will not hearken to another. Today, I will be selective in who I let in my space.

In Jesus Name,

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