Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't Get High Off Your Own Supply!

Genesis 9:20-21

Noah, a man of the soil, proceeded to plant a vineyard. When he drank some of its wine, he became drunk and lay uncovered inside his tent.

This is the year that God wants us to plant and be productive but the fruit we produce is not just for our own consumption. When a tree produces fruit it is not for the tree. In fact, Jesus said, that every tree that bears fruit must be pruned so that it can bear even more fruit.

The problem in the past is that we’ve gotten high off our own supply. One of the “Crack Commandments” from the Notorious BIG, who was a former crack dealer turned rapper, was that a dealer should never get high off of their own supply because you would cut into your profits and become addicted to your own drug. The crack epidemic was the worst thing that ever could have happened to black people in the inner city back in the 80’s and we are still recovering from it but Biggie’s point is profound in that we have gotten high off our own supply at the detriment to ourselves. Whatever your “supply’ is make sure it’s fruitful to others or it will kill them and you.

Noah was a man of the soil; he had the gift to grow stuff. He planted a vineyard and made wine from it. He got drunk off of the fruit of the vine that God supplied. He doesn’t share his fruit; he gets drunk off of his own supply. There is no one around him as he consumes his own supply. He’s probably tired of sharing his supplies and space after being on the Ark with his family 152 days. He over consumes his own supply and gets drunk, naked, and exposed.

Three things happen when you get drunk/high off your own supply instead of sharing your fruit with others:

Drunk. You are intoxicated with your own success and are not sober enough to know what’s going on around you. We become enamored with our own achievements and are not even cognizant of the needs of others when you are drunk you are numb to your surroundings.
Uncovered. Noah was drunk in his own tent but he was uncovered. It is symbolic that we can be successful but no longer be covered. It’s like driving a nice car with no insurance. If you have a wreck you are not covered. When you are drunk you leave yourself at risk for not being covered and vulnerable.
Exposed. The last stage is that people see you naked that were never supposed to see you like this. When we refuse to heed God’s warning his last resort is to expose you to an open shame.
Ham, the youngest son of Noah, saw his father naked and drunk. Instead of covering him he exposed his nakedness to his brothers. His brothers walked in backwards and covered their father with a blanket. The good news is that even though we’ve all gotten high off our own supply at some point in our lives, God sent Jesus to cover our nakedness and sober us from our drunkenness. Now we have to use our fruitfulness to bless others and not get high off our own supply. This year use your fruitfulness to bless others and not waste it on self-indulgence.

Dear God,

Make me productive this year but keep me sober and covered. Please don’t expose my foolishness but instead help me to bless other people with the fruit you bless me to produce. Help me to enjoy the fruit of my labor without getting high off my own supply. Help me not to over-consume but to live my life in moderation.

In Jesus Name,


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