Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This is Your Year to Produce!

This is Your Year to Produce!

Luke 3:9

The Ax is already at the root of the tree, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.

It’s pretty clear on professional sports teams like the NFL and NBA that if you do not produce, you will be cut. If you do not bring anything to the team they will cut you from the roster. If you are not productive at work, there is a chance they will cut you. That’s why you should be so productive that it will be virtually impossible to let you go.

The Kingdom of God is no different. God is looking for fruit from us this year. When John the Baptist was baptizing people he told them to “Show fruits of repentance.” It’s not enough to give your life to God but you must produce Fruit. John said, “The Ax is at the root of the tree and every tree that does not produce Fruit will be cut down!” This lets me know that you can be rooted (be a member of a church) but not be fruitful (be productive). There is a difference from being an active productive disciple vs being an inactive unproductive member. If you are a follower of Christ and a member of a local church you should be worshipping, learning, serving, and giving. People may never kick you out of a church for being unproductive but God can cut you off. That’s scary! I don’t want to be in church but cut off because I refused to be productive.

When John told them that they were in danger of being cut off for being unproductive they asked him, “What should we do?!” John told them:

Share. The man with two tunics should share with him who has none, and the one with food should do the same. Verse 11
Don’t be greedy. Don’t collect more than you are required to. Verse 13 The greed of wall street got us in this recession, the grace of giving will get us out.
Be Honest. Don’t cheat anyone, don’t accuse people falsely, and be content with your pay. Verse 14.
Dear God,

Thank you for not cutting me off. You gave me another year to be productive and this year we will be more productive than we were last year. We are ready to grow and bear fruit for you. Use us Lord but please don’t’ cut us off.

In Jesus Name,


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