Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to Overcome


They overcame him (satan) by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.

It seems that we are living in the last days. There is so much godless behavior, no respect for life, satan seems to be having a field day deceiving the masses and accusing the brethren. It's almost as if people are ashamed to be indentified as Christians. We have so misrepresented the name that I’m embarrassed myself. I’m not embarrassed of Jesus, but as his representatives, we haven’t done a good job. We’ve either been so conservatively cold that nobody passes our hypocritical lens of judgment or we’ve been so liberally lukewarm that we’ve allowed everything to go on under our watch.

We’ve kept the law without keeping the Sprit of the law. We’ve taken the love out of our faith. If we are going to overcome the world and keep our faith we have got to overcome the devil and prove him to be the liar we know him to be.

Here’s how we overcome:

The Blood of the Lamb. The blood of Jesus is what cleanses us from our sins and redeems us from death. It was the only perfect sacrifice that could free us from the penalty of our sins. The blood of Jesus keeps death from having the last say so.
The word of our Testimony. You can’t have a testimony without a test. We must prove ourselves faithful so that those who are watching can be blessed by how we pull through what we are going through.
They didn’t shrink back. Jesus said that those who try to save their lives shall lose it but those who lose their lives for his sake shall find it. We can shrink back in the threat of losing something. If I got to lose it to keep Jesus then it wasn’t worth having.

Dear God,

Give us the ability to overcome the deceit of this world by making sure we are covered by the blood of Jesus. Help us to endure our trials and tribulation so that on the other side of what we are going through we can have a testimony about your goodness. I will not shrink back until you come back!

In Jesus Name,

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