Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Catch Up To Yourself

Phillippians 3:16
Let us live up to what we've already attained.

Sometimes, we are so busy chasing success that we can't even enjoy what we already have. I was able to catch up with a new reality show called, "TI & Tiny" last night. TI had spent 11 motnhs in prison for violating his parole on gun charges and was grateful to get back to work and to his family. On one particular day, he was trying to catch two different football games to watch his sons play and make it to a BET awards show rehearsal. He made it to the first game but on the way to the second game the driver missed the exit making it impossible to catch the game and rehearsal. TI called his son to inform him that he wouldn't be able to make it to his game. You could hear the dissapointment in his little boy's voice. TI paused for a minute and told his driver to turn around and called his agent to tell him he would be late for rehearsal because he had to catch his son's game. TI said, "I love my career but I love my family more."

TI has matured and realized that it's time to live up to what he's already attained. Many of us have already been blessed with something that others are striving for but we can't even enjoy it for reaching for more. We should stop chasing and catch up to what we already have.

1. Relationally. If you are married or have children, make sure you are fulfilling your responsibilities in each role to the best of your ability. Time is filled with swift transitions, make every moment count.

2. Educationally. Whatever level of education you've attained make sure you master what you already know. Have you read all the books on your shelves? Do you remember what you read? Are you still learning? Do you need to go back to school and finish?

3. Spiritually. Now that you are a Christian, are you a disciple? Are you a student of Christ? Paul said, "Not that I have already obtained all of this, or have already been made perfect but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.

There's a reason Jesus took hold of you and me. Now I want to live up to it. Now that I've been given a second chance, like TI, I don't want to waste another 11 months of my life chasing pipe dreams. I want to catch up with myself and live up to what i've already attained.

Dear God,

Help me to finish what you started in me. Help me to be Father, be Husband, be Pastor, be Scholar, be Visionary. I"m ready to live up to what I already have. I've got so much to thank you for. Let me live up to it.

In Jesus Name,

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