Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Time for a 180

A Turn Around in the Desert 180

Luke 1:80 And the Child grew and became strong in spirit; and he lived in the desert until he appeared publicly to Israel.

If you want to find God go to the mountain top, if you want to find your soul go to the desert ~ Rev. Otis Moss, III

There is a process of preparation that you have to make before God can fulfill your purpose. You need a 180! You have to turn your life in the direction that God wants you to go and sometimes it starts in the desert. It's in the solitude of the desert where we are able to introspectively seek God and our true selves. The desert is a place devoid of luxury and distractions but it is also a place of development. God led the children of Israel through the desert for 40 years before entry into the promised land.

By the time you reach 40 you should have a firm grip on who you are and what your mission is, especially, after living in the desert. When we take a 180 like John the Baptist we should:

  1. Grow. The word grow means to mature cognitively, emotionally and spiritually. What are you doing in the desert to ensure you are still growing?
  2. Become strong in spirit. Your spirit man slowly grows when you pull away from worldly distractions in the desert.
  3. Live in the desert until your public viewing. You can't leave the desert until God releases you into your assignment.
John came out of the desert as a voice of one crying in the wilderness. It's time for you to make a 180 and move out of the desert into your purpose.

One of my relatives told me that when you see somebody coming out of the woods you should talk to them because they can tell you what they learned and how to survive on your way into the woods.

Dear God,
Thank you for my 180. My turn around is now. The desert made me stronger, now I'm on my way out.

In Jesus name,

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