Monday, October 29, 2012

What Did You Do with It?

Mark 4:14-20

God gives me the opportunity to sow his word in his people every week. It is an opportunity that I don't take for granted. I fast, pray, study, write in order that the people might hear a word from The Lord. Preaching is like sowing seed in people just as the farmer sows seed into the soil. God's Word is a seed that is supposed to produce a harvest in the hearer. But oftentimes when I look out at the people and some are missing, some are disobedient, some are fruitful, it makes me wonder what are they doing with this seed that I have been sowing?

Sometimes, I beat myself up and think that maybe I could have done a better job at sowing but then the Holy Spirit reminded me that growing is not my job just sowing. It is the responsibility of the hearer to become a doer. There are four conditions of the hearer that determines what happens to the seed.

1. Hard hearted. These are people who come to church skeptical and hardened in their belief. They are already at odds with God and don't want to receive the word. As soon as the Word is preached it hits that hard heart and satan snatches it up. It's like they never even heard anything.

2. No Root. Others hear the word but since they don't have roots or connection in a local church they wither away. If a person doesn't get connected to a ministry or small group within 30 days of joining they wither away.

3. Worriers. People who are overly anxious with their finances and consumed with the desires for other things are choked out and their seeds can't grow.

4. Broken Heart and a contrite Spirit. These are people who are broken and come with a sense of expectancy. They come asking, is there a Word from The Lord? They have a teachable Spirit. They hear the Word, but most importantly, they do the Word. They become Disciples of Christ and then they go make Disciples. They take the Word of God and multiply what was sown in them 30, 60, 100 times!!

The next time you come to church to hear the Word of God search your heart to make sure you are ready to receive God's Word seed and then go do something with it.

Dear God,

Let the Words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you.

In Jesus Name,


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