Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How Much Do You Love Him?

How Much Do You Love Him?

Luke 7:47
Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven for she loved much, but he who has been forgiven little love little.

You can tell how much people love you based on how much they give you. It’s not the quantity of the gift but the quality of the gift. It’s easy to give gifts to our loved ones, spouses, children, and friends when we truly love them. As a matter of fact, the more they mean to you the more substantial the gift.

When we say we Love Jesus, our love for him should supersede our affections for anyone else. After all he is the one who gave his life for us he gave us eternal life in exchange for damnation. He hung, bled, and died for us. He forgave our sins. He paid a debt to God that we could never repay and for all those reasons I love him more than anything.

There is another woman that loved Jesus a whole lot! She was a woman with a bad reputation. She was the talk of the town and she had the nerve to show up uninvited to a private dinner with some perfume she bought for Jesus. Everybody looked and started whispering when she poured her perfume on him and started washing his feet with her hair! When the host questioned Jesus' anointing for letting this woman with a bad reputation that close to him, Jesus simply said, “Those who have been forgiven a whole lot give a whole lot, but those that think they don’t have anything to be forgiven are stingy.” (I paraphrased)

This woman loved Jesus a whole lot because she had been forgiven of a whole lot of sins. Look what she did:
  1. She bought an expensive bottle of perfume. When we love Jesus we should show up with a gift that cost us something.
  2. She stood behind him seeping. She had an emotional response for what Jesus had done for her. If he’s done anything for you, you ought to show some sign.
  3. She washed his feet with her tears and hair. She showed humility and adoration. The feet were the dirtiest part on a person’s body, especially since they walked everywhere on dirt roads, the hair was a woman’s Glory. She took her Glory and cleaned his filth. We ought not mind getting dirty for Jesus.
  4. She kissed his feet and poured perfume on them. She gave him sacrificial service. When we serve Jesus we should leave it all on the floor. A service that Jesus ought to leave a pleasing aroma.
Dear God,

I love Jesus so much because of what he did for me. I express my love by sacrificially giving back to you my time, talents, and tithe. I pray that the words of my mouth, the mediations of my heart, and my loving actions would be acceptable to you.

In Jesus Name,


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