Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Did You Do with Your GreenDays?

Luke 23:31 For if men do these things when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry?

The Word "Green" has become synonmous with being concerned with how we take care of the earth. More and More architechts are thinking "Green" when they construct buildings that have solar panels, and eco-friendly building materials. More and more cars are "Green" with electronic hybrids leading the way. People are beginning to think more about the environment now that the realities of global warming is a reality and no longer speculation. Storms like Sandy, and Hurricane Katrina are causing us to take this issue more seriously even to the point that the President mentioned it in his Inaugural address.

What we do with our Green Days will determine what will happen in years to come as a result of our neglect of the earth. Our pollution of the earth, our gas guzzling vehicles, and our scorching of the earth of it's natural resources has taken a toll. Like the earth, our lives are now feeling the effects of what we did in our "green" years. Our days as youth are our "green" years. What you do when you are young will determine what life is like when you are old. While you are tender and impressionable you should take advantage of that time so that when you get old and dry you will have something to show for your "Green" Days.

Jesus hanging from the cross during the end of his "green" days told the group of followers who were brave enough to be there at the end, "if men do these things when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry?" What he meant was, if they can murder Jesus while he is with them performing miracles, signs, and wonders what will they do when he is no longer present?

The "Green" Days when America was open to the idea of God and Jesus as Lord are fast fading.  The days when America was a leading force in democracy and a financial safe haven are quickly evaporating. With all the prosperity God has allowed us we have forsaken the God of our Green years. If we can turn away from God during our Green years what will we do when the climate changes for worse?

1. Remember the Lord your God in the days of your youth.
2. Store up in your good years so when the bad years come you will have something to survive on.
3. Whatever you sow today you will reap tomorrow.
4. Do your part to take care of the earth through recycling, cutting down on pollution, planting trees.

Dear God,

Thank you for my Green Days. I pray that I will do everything in my power to Think Green and to keep you in the forefront of my mind in my good years so that when bad years come, I will have no regrets. You have been my provider and I trust that you will keep me even as climates change.

In Jesus Name,


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