Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get Me Out of This Mess!

Psalm 143:11
Revive me, O Lord for your name’s sake! For your Righteousness sake bring my soul out of trouble.

We’ve all been in trouble before. There have been times when we got into something we didn’t know how to get out of. Especially when we were younger, when we had made a mess of things we would call on Daddy or Mama to get us out. Usually your parents were quick to get you out because of their name. This was particularly true in small towns like where I grew up, the family name was important. Your parents tried to keep a good name and they would come to your defense if wrongly accused and scold you if you were wrong but they would still come get you out of your mess.

There are times when we get ourselves in a mess as adults as well. We stray from the path of righteousness and do things our way instead of God’s way with no respect for His name. But when we realize the errors of our ways and turn from our wicked ways God hears us because we are called by His name.

God had a reputation to uphold. He is Holy. When his children, who are suppose to be Holy, are walking around dirty that hurts God’s reputation. God is not going to make you clean up but He is there waiting for you to call Him so He can come get you out of that mess.

The Psalmist says,

1. “Revive me O Lord, for your name's sake!” When we stray away from God many times we are like the walking dead. We appear to be alive on the outside but inwardly we are dead. When we call out to God He’s able to revive us, to bring us back to life. God does this through his preachers who preach the Living Word. God’s Word resuscitates and the Spirit of God brings new Life.

2. For your Righteousness sake bring my Soul out of trouble. Many times our souls are in jeopardy because they are all tied up in mess. We have “soul ties” to other people through sexual immorality that only God can get you out of. We cannot be effective witnesses if we are caught up in wickedness, so God gets us out of trouble for his Righteousness sake. The key is that we must be ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired.’ When we get to that point and call on God He will answer because you are His child and He will get you out of your mess.

Dear God, get me out and keep me out. I’ve been sinking deep in sin far from the peaceful shore, but the Master of the ship heard my disturbing cry, now safe am I, draw me nearer blessed Lord to your precious bleeding side, draw me nearer to the cross where you have died and once and for all get me out of this mess. Thank you Jesus!

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