Monday, January 10, 2011

You Get What You Eat!

Genesis 25:34
Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and some lentil stew. He ate and drank, and then got up and left. So Esau despised his birthright.

We’ve all heard it said, “you are what you eat,” meaning that our health condition is a direct reflection on what we put in our bodies, more calories taken in than calories burned up in exercise leads to fat. Too much salt can lead to High Blood pressure, etc. Paul was right when he said, “food is for the stomach, stomach for the food…but I will not be mastered by anything.” I Cor. 6:13. Jentzen Franklin in his book ‘fasting for breakthrough’ says that at least once a year we need to tell our bodies whose boss by dethroning “King Stomach.” Our stomach has gotten us in a lot of trouble with its appetite. The stomach wants what it wants when it wants it.

It’s amazing how closely related food and sexual immorality are related. Some experts will argue that food is in fact an aphrodisiac. When Paul talks about the stomach being for food the next sentence in verse thirteen of I Corinthians Chapter Six says, “The body is not meant for sexual immorality.” It is our lust for food and sex that get us caught up if we don’t learn how to master “King Stomach.”

Not only are we what we eat but if we are not careful we will get what we eat. Cravings for food and for sex can be so strong that they override our sensibilities and can lead us to a life of regret.

No one knows this better than Esau. Esau was a wild man, undisciplined and adventurous. He was a great hunter. He loved the pursuit of wild game. He was always in search of something new. His adrenaline got up from chasing something new. His pursuit of wild game left him famished one day. He came in from the field starving and his brother was cooking some lentil stew. (How convenient) He asked his brother Jacob, whose name meant deceiver, for some stew. The deceiver told him he would satisfy his cravings in exchange for his birthright. Here’s the offer broken down so you can clearly understand: “I will temporarily satisfy your cravings in exchange for something that would have blessed you for life.”

In his right mind Esau should have said, “Man are you crazy? No way!” but because he had not mastered “King Stomach” he said, “what good is a birthright when I’m starving to death? You got a deal!” How do you trade in your birthright, your inheritance which is double because you are the oldest son, for a bowl of soup? Before we get mad at Esau, we have to realize we do the same thing. How?!

1. We do it by exchanging the profound for the profane. We each have a gift that we jeopardize when we give into lusts and cravings that eat away at our anointing.

2. We do it when we don’t practice delayed gratification. If Esau would have waited a little longer he could have gotten something to eat at home.

3. We do it by giving into cravings without holding onto convictions. You have to look at the bigger picture before you get stuck on a bowl of soup.

We will be fasting for the next 21 days starting tomorrow.
check for details) this fast is for the purpose of detoxing, getting healthier diets, and dethroning King Stomach by learning not to give into cravings. After 21 days you should be in position to receive your spiritual birthright and take back from the deceiver what he thought he was going to trick you out of. Over the next 21 days of fasting you will get what you eat. Breakthrough!

Dear God,
I refuse to give into cravings that get in the way of my birthright. You’ve invested too much in me and set aside so much for me to ruin it by exchanging my destiny for a moment of lust. I’m ready to take control of my body instead of my body taking control of me. Set me free from the chains that have been holding me in the physical so that I may soar in the spiritual. During this 21 day fast give me strength, give me revelation, and give me power as I give you me. My food for the next 21 days is to do the will of you who sent me to be about my Father’s business. I’m ready for breakthrough!

In Jesus Name,

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