Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't Touch Him!

I Samuel 24:6
The Lord forbid that I should do this thing to my master, the Lord’s anointed, to raise my hand against him; for he is the Lord’s anointed.

It’s only natural to want revenge on someone who has done you wrong. Without cause people can pursue you and persecute you because you are a threat to their insecurity. I saw an old movie the other day that was entitled, “God forgives you I don’t.” That seems to be our mentality today. We’ve lost our capacity to show mercy towards those who have offended us. We don’t leave room for God to come in. You must have a respect and relationship with God in order to avoid touching the wrong people. There have been times when we wanted to put our hands on someone but it’s not our place to do so. When someone has wronged you God sees it and he will deal with them. You don’t have to touch them.

Saul had chased David into a cave, backed him into a corner. Saul took three thousand choice soldiers to look for David. He thought he had David trapped somewhere in the goat hills. Little did Saul know that he had fallen into David’s trap. The pit he dug for David had been the one he would fall into. Saul went to relieve himself in a cave where David and his men were hiding. The men told David this was the day God was giving his enemy into his hands. Can’t you see it? David is hiding in the dark recesses of a cave. Saul is using the bathroom with his back to David, not even knowing that he’s in there. David has a knife in his hand and is listening to all of his men telling him, “God is giving your ‘enemy’ into your hands. Right when David lifts the knife he is conscience stricken and cuts off a piece of his robe instead. He starts thinking this is God’s anointed! I can’t kill him! This is the King of Israel. I can’t do this.

The first thing that gets us in trouble is listening to other people tell us what God is telling us to do. Most people would have jumped on the opportunity to kill this former boss who was trying to them; not David. He had too much respect for God and the position of King. David respected the position even though he didn’t like the person. It wasn’t just about the person but this would affect the people. David took himself out of the equation and thought about the impact of killing God’s anointed.

He cut off a piece of his robe while he relieved himself and let him walk out of the cave alive. Then, David let Saul know I could have killed you but that’s not who I am. Don’t let evil people change your character trying to get revenge. That’s not who you are!

Show them that you are better than they are by doing good instead of evil. In verse 17 Saul tells David, “you are more righteous than I. You will be King over Israel.” Saul had to acknowledge that David was the better man because his actions were righteous. Make sure your actions prove your enemy wrong about who they think you are and right about who God made you to be.

Dear God,

Give me restraint when I want revenge. I know you see those who want me to fail so I will not retaliate but I will wait on you. You have decreed in your word, “Touch not my anointed.” It’s not my job to be judge and jury but I am a witness that I’ve done everything I can not to touch them. It’s in your hands now.

In Jesus Name,

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