Monday, April 18, 2011

Sometimes You Got To Act Crazy!

I Samuel 21:12 David took thse words to ehar and was very much he pretended to be insane in their preseence.

Psalm 34:19
A Righteous man may have many troubles but the Lord delivers him from them all.

There are some situations in life that we get in that are crazy and there are other situations we get out of by acting crazy. Sometimes, you have to make the enemy think you’re crazy to get them off of you. It’s not that you’re really crazy or lack integrity but sometimes you might have to go there when you are in dire straits. You’ve heard people say, “don’t make me act crazy up in here.” What they are saying is that they might have to alter their personality in order to get through a particular event. Even Jesus told his disciples to be as shrewd as serpents but as innocent as doves. In this ' dog eat dog' world, there may be spots and stretches where you might have to “feign craziness” just to get through.

Matthew Barnett, pastor of the Dream Center, in LA decided he would spend the night on the streets of skid row. One of his members who was a former drug addict and recovered in The Dream Center told his well meaning pastor that he couldn’t go out there on the streets smiling and looking clean. He said that street people have a sixth sense and would know that he didn’t belong there. He told him not to make eye contact and to stay to himself. He also told him to take a worn out bible. Pastor Barnett said this will really make me stick out! The man said, “Pastor, street people still respect the word of God, it’s the only hope they have left.” Even though you might have to act crazy never let go of the word.

When David had been chased away by Saul, he had to run away into enemy territory with no army.(I Samuel 21:10-14) King Achish recognized David as the champion of Israel that had antagonized his people. David was in hostile territory and he had to think quickly. He started acting crazy! He let drool hang out his mouth and drip into his beard. He started scratching on the wall. David a mighty warrior, David a man after God’s own heart, David who would soon be one of the greatest king’s of Israel was acting crazy! The King said, “This man is crazy! I don’t need any more crazy people around here, get rid of him.” This saved David’s life. After God got him out of this David gave God a crazy praise and wrote Psalm 34 where he said, “a righteous man may have many troubles but the Lord delivers him from them all.

There are some places where you can’t be all spiritual you might have to act crazy.

If your life is in danger. You can’t walk around in a dangerous place naive and green. You have to discern is this where I act shrewd or where I show my innocence. Sometimes, you have to blend in with the craziness just to get out with your life. There were times in urban youth ministry where I had to feign craziness just to let them know I’m just as crazy as some of ya’ll, don’t play. LOL
If doing so will get you out of enemy territory. Being meek is not being weak. Even Jesus turned over the money changing tables when he was angry. You have to allow God to use your righteous indignation when it is warranted. That doesn’t mean you lose your temper but you constructively use your anger.

Only as a last resort. The bible says as much as it depends on you live at peace with all men. Then, there are other times when you might have to feign crazy for about five minutes to let people know I’m not the one.

Notice that David didn’t hurt anybody, he didn’t curse anybody, he just acted in a way that threw the enemy off so he could get out.

Sometimes, the way we throw our enemy off is to give God a crazy praise. It confuses the enemy when you give God praise and nothing is going right in your life. That’s crazy! It confuses the enemy when everything is going wrong in your life and you are still clapping your hands in praise. That’s crazy! When your enemies are persecuting you and you pray for them, that’s crazy! When your enemy tries to be evil to you and you overcome their tendency to be evil with your capacity to be good, that’s crazy! When somebody does you wrong and you have to the nerve to forgive them, that’s crazy! When you keep on speaking and they don’t want to acknowledge you that’s crazy! Being crazy is being counter cultural to the point that you stand out. Pray to God so that you will know when to act crazy and when to give him crazy praise!

Dear God,

Thank you for delivering me from crazy places and crazy people so that I can give you a crazy praise. I don’t want to have to act crazy today but I will if I have to. Thank you for delivering me out of all my troubles. When I look back over my life its crazy just how good you’ve been to me and I can’t help but to take five minutes right now and give you a crazy praise!

In Jesus Name,



  1. Thank you. You answered my question about why King David acted crazy? Liked your examples, will keep this in mind. Nice article.