Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm Back In!

I’m Back In!

Romans 11:23
And if they do not persist in unbelief, they will be grafted in, for God is able to graft them in again.

If you’ve ever been cut out or cut off from something that you use to be a part of, then you know how painful it can feel not to be able to access what used to be yours by privilege. Usually when something is cut off, it is because it is no longer necessary or has become detrimental to what it is connected to. We can talk all day about the things and people we need to cut off but it’s a different feeling when you’ve been the one cut out.

The electric company can cut you off if you don’t pay your bill. You can be in a relationship and your loved ones can cut you off if you have been unfaithful. Employers can cut you off for a bad decision or for being toxic, but the thing that scares me the most is that God can cut you off for being disobedient.

Paul said that God had cut off some “branches” of Israelites because of their unbelief and grafted in Gentile “branches” because of their faith. He uses the analogy of pruning cultivated trees and grafting in wild branches. He warns the gentiles that they have been grafted into a Holy root by grace and at any time god can take them out due to arrogance and graft back in those who repent.

For those of us who’ve been cut off, the good news is that God can put you back in. God can take those who’ve been cut off through disobedience back in once you learn from your lesson and repent. God can put you back in. Just like a player who made some bad plays and was taken out of the game, after sitting on the bench for a while the coach will give you another chance by putting you back in. It’s time for you to come off the bench and get back In!

If you were cut off, here’s how you get back in:

1. Ask God for forgiveness. God is a merciful God and he will forgive you if you earnestly ask him to forgive you of your mistakes.

2. Show fruit of repentance. Once God grafts you back in let the Holy Spirit produce fruit in you that shows the world that your back in with God.

3. Get back in church. You must be connected to a body of believers who can encourage you to stay connected. You are a branch and the church is the tree, God’s vital nutrients flow through that tree. Like a tree planted by the water you will bear fruit again in every season once God puts you back in.

4. Let nothing separate you from the love of God. God’s love will not let you be separated from him very long. God wants to graft you back in but you must respond to his loving call.

Dear God,

Thank you for letting me back in. I feel my strength coming back. Please keep me and don’t let anything or anybody cut me off again.

In Jesus Name,


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