Thursday, October 7, 2010

Live in the Fast Lane

Ezra 8:21
I proclaimed a fast, so that we might humble ourselves before our God and ask him for safe journey for us and our children, with all of our possessions.

We travel with little thought of just how dangerous the highways really are. The old folks were right when they said, “he kept me from dangers seen and unseen.” On Average 114 people die each day in car crashes in the United States. It’s important to drive defensively because you never know what mindset people are in on the highway. Put on your seat belt, stop texting while driving, and fast. Dad he say, “go fast?!” No. I said, “Fast!”

We should be traveling in the fast lane. There is a lane on the Highway that allows drivers who are slower to drive on the right so that drivers who are fast can pass them on the left. On a good day you can get where you are going quicker with less stops in the fast lane. Now you shouldn’t speed in the fast lane but you are allowed to go the speed limit while there are others who choose to do just the minimum. Every now and then you have to go around people who are just content to do the minimum especially when I have somewhere I need to be.

As Christians, God gives us a fast lane when we are traveling. Fasting is a way for us to ask God to give us a speed pass and a cover of protection. A speed pass is not a license to break the law but to go through toll booths without stopping. He also gives you angels to watch all around you to protect you from hurt, harm, and danger.

Ezra got in the fast lane when he was going back to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. He had the permission of the King to go back, he had resources to purchase the supplies, but he was afraid to ask for protection because he boasted to the king how God’s hand was with him in his work. So instead of going back asking the King for more resources he got in the fast lane and asked God for protection. Here’s how you get in the fast lane:

1. Proclaim a fast. Every so often we need to humble ourselves through fasting so that we can tune into God. Every now and then when you are driving on the highway they will give you a sign that says, tune in to a certain station for information on the highway. Fasting allows us to tune into heaven’s radio station to hear God’s instruction and get his protection.

2. Ask God for a safe journey for your family, co-workers, and your possessions. When you are specific about what you need for God he will give it to you in the fast lane. It’s something about humbling yourself and praying that God takes heed to.

3. God will protect you in the fast lane. Verse 31 says the hand of our God was on us, and he protected us from enemies and bandits along the way.

We should live our lives in the fast lane. Occasionally we should humble ourselves to see God’s protection and provision in a supernatural way. Instead of just jumping in our car assuming you will get there safe make sure you get in the fast lane. Slow down and Fast!

Dear God, help me to slow down and fast. I need your help to make it safely to my destination. I’ve got favor from the king; I just need your hand of protection so I can finish what you sent me to do. I’m traveling down the King’s Highway in the fast lane and I know you’ll get me through.

In Jesus Name,

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