Monday, October 11, 2010

You're Looking In The Wrong Place

Luke 24:5
In their fright the women bowed down with their faces to the ground, but the men (angels) said to them, “why do you look for the living amongst the dead?”

Many of us are on a search for meaning and purpose in life. In our search we travel many places looking for love, fulfillment, joy and satisfaction. Our search carries us to various places where we are sorely disappointed when we run into dead ends.

How many times have we gone searching for something only to get there and it not be there? It is an empty feeling to go through life never finding what it is we are looking for. Could it be that the reason we keep on ending up empty handed is because we are looking in all the wrong places?

On the third day of Jesus being in the grave the women went to the grave looking for Jesus body to embalm him but when they got there the tomb was empty. Two angels appeared with their appearance being like lightning. The women were so afraid that they bowed their faces to the ground. The Angels asked them a good question, “Why do you look for the living amongst the dead? That is a good question for us this morning, “why do we look for the living amongst the dead? Why do we try to find spouses in a night club? Why do we try to make careers out of illegal activities that lead to prison or death? Why do we try to sustain highs in places that lead to extreme lows? Why do we seek inspiration from toxic people? Why do you try to find spiritual vitality in dead tradition? Why do we seek the living amongst the dead?

1. They settled for a dead man because they didn’t have faith that Jesus was alive. It’s amazing what we settle for when we believe Jesus is dead. We don’t have to spice up dead men when we can run to a living Savior.

2. They lowered their expectation because of their trauma. When they saw Jesus beaten and crucified it left an indelible imprint upon their psyche that He would never get up after this. What have you gone through that seemed to beat all the hope out of you? No matter what it was you have to believe that God can still bring life out of death.

3. It felt natural to go there. Their tradition led them to a grave to embalm a dead man. Every now and then you have to go outside of what is customary to find new life.
The Good News is that the Angels met them in a dead place and told them that Jesus was not there He had risen. God will send Angels to your dead end and send you where you can find what you’ve been looking for...Stop looking for the living amongst the dead.

Dear God, send me in a New Direction this morning. I’m tired of looking for the living amongst the dead. Change my perspective so I can change where I look. Show me the risen Jesus so I can leave this dead place and these dead people. I’m ready for something that’s new and causes me to live in my Purpose.

In Jesus Name,


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