Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Need to See You in the Light

I John 1:7

If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.

In the movie Sparkle, Sister and her Sistahs have a chance at a record deal with Columbia Records. The manager from Columbia is so excited to see them perform at the Night Club but he had one more request before signing them to a record deal. He asked their manager to see them in the light of day.

The next day they show up in the office and they are exposed with their attitudes, addictions, and appearance. The record executive said, “This is why I needed to see them in the light of day, things look different in the light.”

If we are going to receive promotion, God always needs to see us in the light of the day before he feels comfortable exalting us. A lot of things are exposed when we walk in the light of day that cannot readily be seen in the dark. Makeup can hide a lot in the dark that can be revealed in the light. Sometimes, you can hide behind your performance on stage at night but something else shows up in the light of daytime conversation. We need to walk in the light.

Jesus is the light that shines on us and in us. When we have fellowship with Jesus, He is able to heal us from what has damaged us in the dark. The light is not anything we should avoid but instead we grow in the light and then we are able to glow in the dark. But if we hide in the dark, we will not grow in the light.

Here’s how we are promoted to the next level in our living:

  1. Walk in the light. This has to do with our lifestyle. Our lifestyle must be congruent with what we portray on the stage. If our life is not together behind the scenes it will only expose itself quicker when we walk in the light of day. Our nightlife will either promote us or expose us in the light. It is better for us if we consistently live in such a way that there is nothing that will embarrass us in the daylight.
  2. We have fellowship with one another. There must be unity with one another. In Sparkle, as long as the three sisters were in fellowship they were a strong unit and their gifts made room for them. When they allowed a satanic character to disrupt their fellowship that is when things started falling apart. A house divided against itself cannot stand.
  3. The blood of Jesus purifies us for our sins. Sin is when we miss the mark of the standard by which God wants us to live by. The blood of Jesus will purify us from the damage done in the darkness. Whether it is our attitudes, our addictions, or our appearance, the blood of Jesus had the ability to cleanse and heal us from the inside out.
Dear God,

Help us to walk in the Light so that we can overcome the damage done in the darkness. Forgive us and heal us by the blood of Jesus. God help us to walk consistently in line with your will for our lives so that we will not embarrass you in the daylight of opportunity. Walk with us Jesus and keep us in the path of righteousness for your name's sake.

In Jesus Name,



  1. Awesome Word, Rev. Stacey! I am going to share this on my network.

  2. Dr. Spencer, what an "enlightening" word you just gave. It also goes to prove that old saying from the Bible, "what's done in darkness will see the light of day." We may be able to hide our shortcomings and sins by night, but the light of day will illuminate everything. Praise the Lord! Thank God, that joy comes in the morning. Keep the good words coming.