Monday, May 9, 2011

Sleeping Through A Revolution

Matthew 26:40

Then (Jesus) returned to his disciples and found them sleeping. “Could you men not keep watch with me for one hour?”

So many things are taking place in the world simultaneously that appears to be leading up to some type of apocalyptic climax, wars and rumors of wars, global recession, natural disasters, division in the house (yours and the one in Washington, DC). More than ever it would seem like the church would be sober and alert, ready for the return of Jesus but instead many of us have decided to sleep in on this revolution. How in the world could any follower of Christ fall asleep during times like these? Why are so many Christians staying home instead of going to church to receive their battle plans? How can we be drunk with the wine of the world and forget the assignment that God has for us? We are in danger of sleeping through a revolution.

Jesus was on the brink of restoring the world back to God through his death and resurrection. This was the night he would be arrested and begin the excruciating process of his arrest, torture, and crucifixion. He was so distressed that night that he sweat drops like blood. He took with him his three closest disciples, Peter, James, and John, so that they could watch and pray while he tried to spend time with his Father.

During these last days there are only a few of us left who still love Jesus wholeheartedly but there is a danger that even we could fall asleep. There’s no doubt that you really love Jesus but does it show up when you are needed the most? Sometimes when I’m driving long distance with the family, it’s discouraging to look around and everybody is sleep. I need somebody to watch with me so that we can all be safe. Are you watching with Jesus or asleep thinking that he doesn’t need your help?

Jesus asked them, “Could you men not keep watch with me one hour?”

In order to watch with Jesus we need to:

1. Watch. We need to be awake so that we can be discerning and alert the body of Christ when we see the enemy approaching. Judas was coming to betray Jesus with the Roman guards. The disciples were supposed to be a buffer between Jesus and his enemies so that he would have time to pray. Christians are supposed to be the watchmen for all others to discern when the enemy is trying to sneak in. This is not a physical enemy but this enemy comes in the form of injustice, racism, and bad religion. We have to be awake to see it coming, and then sound the alarm.

2. Pray. We need to pray without ceasing. Jesus needed the strength of his friends to get through his ordeal but they were sleeping. How much power is missing in the church because the saints refuse to pray? If the success of your pastor and your church depended upon the frequency of your prayer life, how successful would they be?

3. Stay awake. The Spirit is willing but the body is weak. The disciples were fatigued by grief and the work of ministry. We need to make sure we give God a rested body every night so that every day we can be at our best.
Stay awake during the revolution by Praying, reading, discerning, serving, giving, helping, loving, and sacrificing. Jesus needs you to be awake during this revolution.

Dear God,

Use me in your service each day. I want to give you the best of me. I don’t want to be caught sleeping when you need me the most. Awaken your church in these last days so you will not find us sleeping on your return. The revolution will not be televised nor will it be seen by those who are sleeping. Help us to wake up.

In Jesus Name,

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