Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Which One Do You Want?

Matthew 27:17
So when the crowd had gathered Pilate asked them, “which one do you want me to release to you, Barabbas, or Jesus who is called Christ (the anointed one)?”

A stay of execution is used to defer the execution of the convicted person. This may occur if new evidence is discovered that will exonerate the convicted person. Similarly, a Governor’s pardon is an act of the Executive of a state or country whereby a person is forgiven of a crime. When a person is pardoned they are immediately released.

Can you imagine being in prison for a crime you didn’t commit awaiting execution and standing before the Governor who has the power to release you? We would want that Governor to do the right thing and release us because of the lack of evidence but instead he gives the responsibility of our fate over to the people. These are people that don’t care that much about you. The Governor has the authority to release you but he gives in to the demands of the people.

This is what happened to Jesus. The Governor, Pontus Pilate, had the opportunity to release Jesus. His wife even warned him about a dream that he should have nothing to do with the condemnation of this innocent man. Instead of listening to his wife, he listened to the people who had been influenced by Jesus’ haters to crucify him. Pilate passes the buck and tells the crowd, “It’s your responsibility!” Who do you want to be released, A notorious killer by the name of Barabbas or an anointed leader by the name of Jesus? They chose the killer.

Every day we have a choice to release a prisoner in the galley of our hearts. We have two men locked up in our Spirit. We have the Notorious and the Anointed One. It’s your responsibility to release the right one. Tupac, that tormented artist and rapper, summarized our human struggle best, “I’m not a killer, but don’t push me.” Inside each of us is a debased person and a righteous person. We have the responsibility of releasing the right person every moment of decision as it relates to our morality.

Who will you release in your relationships, Jesus to keep the peace or Barabbas to manipulate? Who will you release in conflict, Jesus to reconcile or Barabbas to get revenge? Who will you release in your entertainment filter the Notorious Gangsta Barabbas or the miracle working Jesus? Gangsta Rap or Gospel music?

Make up your own mind, don’t listen to the crowd. The crowd will always ask for Barabbas but your conscience is screaming for an early release of Jesus this morning. Murder was the case that they gave you but you are innocent through the blood of Jesus. I’m innocent! Now Release Me!

Dear God,
Help me to release Jesus in my actions today. Release your Holy Spirit in my thoughts. Elevate my spirit man and bind up the strong man so that I can walk in freedom today. Today, I release Jesus to rule over my life and I keep that debased man that rattles his cage in the dungeon of my flesh captive. I choose to Release Jesus! Today I walk in Freedom.

In Jesus Name,

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