Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do You Follow Jesus

John 10:27
My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

Twitter is the leading social network next to facebook. Millions of people get a chance to follow some of their favorite celebrities, athletes, and leaders. They are able to get great quotes, nuggets of wisdom day to day and line by line, even minute by minute uploads of the lives of the people they follow. It’s almost like you are invited into their worlds to walk with them. People like Lebron James “King James” have over a million followers, Aston Kutcher challenged CNN to get more followers, he won. If Jesus had a twitter page, how many followers would he have? He would probably have over a million as well because being a follower on Twitter is often quite passive. All you have to do is read the person tweet that you follow. You can re-tweet, and you can attempt to direct tweet if they are following you.
Following Jesus in real life is different from being a follower on Twitter. If you follow Jesus in real life:

1. You listen to his voice.

2. He knows you. It’s not some one-sided admiration. There is a mutual acknowledgement, no matter how many followers he has. He knows every single one of us and replies to twitter & direct messages. He knows when you re-tweet his messages, but loves when you repeat his life more.

3. They follow me. His followers actually live out what he does and go where he went.

4. They have eternal life.

5. They will never perish.

6. No one can switch them and block them from following.

Dear Jesus, thank you for letting me follow you. I appreciate when I tweet you and you always respond. It’s also neat that when I call you, you’re always there. The best part is that out of all the followers you have, you still know me. I will follow you til' the day I die and then I will follow you again.

In Jesus name,

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